5. Conclusion

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In this paper we have seen the interpretations of three of the most important plays of Shakespeare. Athough they were not important at the very time that were writen, they are now regarded as a symbol of the tragedy that has endured the test of time.

I really enjoyed making this paper because it is important to know more about history and to deeply get into Shakespearean works as Hamlet, King Lear or Romeo and Juliet. I also hope that you have learnt more than you already known, because the enjoyable thing about making this paper is not only to better understand Shakespeare’s thoughts, but to realize that the magic of the literature and theatre is still living now.

What we can say to conclude is that unless you read a Shakesperean novel and you analyze it with the psychoanalytical approach, you won’t be able to notice if it has written  with the intention of entertain and amuse, or it has been written with secondary ideas that  allow us to know more about Shakespeare’s thinkings through his life and works.

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