Having analysed one of the most political novels in Conrad’s career as it is «The Secret Agent», we are going now to deal with two more of his works. «Under Western Eyes» and «Nostromo» are both plenty of political and ideologicat facts that led Conrad to write about his youth and his early experiences with politics.

«Conrad systematically avoided all political commitment. He never voted in a British election in spite of his respect for English institutions; nor would he involve himself in Polish affairs. He distrusted socialism, as leading inevitably to “Caesarism”, yet loathed capitalism; autocracy and revolution he saw as alternate faces of a base coin. Although he sailed in an English ship when the navy was the vanguard of British imperialism, in private he despised the appalling fatuity in this business.» (Eloise Knapp Hay)

We are going to see how the characters in this two novels act as a kind of stereotype so Conrad see them as someone in real life. All this contrasted with Conrad’s experiences in his life, fears, etc.

Anarchism, autocratic ways of govern, tzarism, terrorism will take importance in the life of Conrad and also in this paper.

Academic year 2013/2014
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