Viewpoint: Oedipus complex

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As a child, Hamlet always expressed the warmest fondness and affection for his  mother. This adoration contained elements of disguised erotic quality, especially seen in the bed chamber scene with his mother. Along Hamlet’s life and play we can see that he is involved by the Oedipus complex. Claudius has usurped the position of husband to Gertrude, a position that Hamlet had once longed for. He is continuously trying to replace his uncle Claudius by taking revenge for the death of his father. Oedipus complex in Hamlet’s brain denotes the emotions and ideas that the mind keeps in the unconscious, via dynamic repression, that concentrates upon a child’s desire to sexually possess the parent of the opposite sex. So we can say that in Hamlet’s play, prince Hamlet wants to possess his mother as the parent of the opposite sex. To the reader, it is evident that Hamlet hates his uncle, but his despise of Claudius comes more from his jealousy than from anything else. Hamlet wants to be the king and the owner of the kingdom by taking vengeance on his uncle Claudius and aslo to keep away his uncle from his mother.

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