To conclude I have to say that this work has been something special to me. I have improved my skills using online editors such as WordPress®I have learned how to synthesize too much information in a few words. It has also helped me to know more about Shakespeare’s Hamlet and all of his context but Hamlet will live on forever in the literary world.

It has become popular and famous because the reader can analyze the play from a diverse and countless number of ways. Psychoanalytic criticism is one of many ways of looking at Hamlet’s actions. Freud and other theorists were able to take the play and analyze it scene by scene, giving a more in-depth meaning to the actions of the characters. In a sense, Shakespeare wrote two plays in one; one play dealing with a tragedy, leaving the stage with many corpses; the other standing the test of time, in a captivating exploration into an unconscious world of the unknown.

I hope you enjoyed this little work!

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Thanks to all the web pages that helped me to get information, specially to Wikipedia®, where hundreds, thousands, millions of people write a little bit everyday to enlarge our knowledge about this unknown world.

To make this conclusion I helped me a bit taking information from this page.

Academic year 2012/2013

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