In this paper we are going to alalyze the major facts in Joseph Conrad’s «The Secret Agent». This major topics that we are going to see are: Politics, Anarchy, Terrorism and the duality of the life of Mr. Verloc, the principal character of this story.

First we will start by analisyng the role of politics by giving some examples in the text and also by comparing Verloc’s acting with other characters in the text. then, we will see how the group of anarchists, his friends, help him to take the final decision. Next to this we will analyse the «domestic drama» that exists in his house. Finally, we will see how Verloc treats with the «Russian» embassy’s emperor.

Finally, we will see a video that shows the terrorism in the novel as the major scandalous scene showed at the film adaptation of the book.

Academic year 2013/2014
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Aitor Bori Ibáñez

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