Viewpoint: Vengeance

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Taking appart the issue of revenge, Hamlet pretends to kill his uncle but as Ernest Jones said: «If Claudius is killed, then Hamlet must also be killed». That is because the «father» that Claudius replaces is the figure of the «son» that Hamlet takes possession. So if Claudius is killed, this figure of the Oedipus Complex, performed by Prince Hamlet, will be killed too. The course of action that Hamlet pursues can only lead to his ruin. In the end of the play, Hamlet is finally willing to make the ultimate sacrifice: to avenge his father’s death and to kill his uncle, as well as part of himself. But all this vengeance takes a lot to arrive in the play, due to what Goethe said: «Hamlet, for temperamental reasons, was fundamentally incapable of decisive action of any kind. Hamlet was very hesitant, so he didn’t does anything until the end of the play.

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