Second paper (First year)

Subject : # 35334 Crítica práctica de la Literatura Inglesa

Student´s name: Bori Ibáñez, Aitor

Title of the paper: Psychoanalytic review of Shakespeare’s most important plays.

Author: W.Shakespeare

Approach: Psychoanalytic criticism

Abstract: For those people that have read and want to know more about Shakespeare’s plays interpretations, this is your paper. This work talks about the psychoanalysis of three of the most important plays that Shakespeare wrote: Hamlet, King Lear and Romeo and Juliet. First a short argument of the play will be shown and then, by the psychoanalytical approach you will be able to see how id, ego, and superego are the most observed characteristics of psychoanalysis in these theaters, but we can also see how Oedipus’ and Electra’s complex take part in this interpretation by redefining main character’s childhood. Then you will see mutual and different facts between the three plays and the Elisabethan characteristics that they have in common. All this, corroborated with multimedia files that will allow you to see, from another point of view, the exposition of these three tragedies and the evolution of Shakespeare’s work throughout the time.

Hope you enjoy it.

Auto-evaluation: Hopefully passed.

Seeing the errors I had in the previous paper, and hopefully correcting them, I hope this has been better and more successful. Anyway it is far from being perfect, there are many things to learn and lots of time to spend to do a good paper.

Academic year 2012/2013
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Aitor Bori Ibáñez

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