1. Introduction

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Some people say that W. Shakespeare is the most important playwright in history, others say that he was just the spark that ignited an era of literary and social change, but nowadays, the majority of the people have seen or read Romeo and Juliet, King lear or the most famous one: Hamlet, but what do we know about Shakespeare’s plays? Are they a simple theatre to entertain, or are they a network of difficult connected stories that Shakespeare conscientiously wrote?

The study objects, which are: the frames, character’s thinkings, personality, incestuous desires, etc, are going to be analyzed with the psychoanalytical approach, so we can see the unconscious facts of Shakespeare’s mind and plays. Also, this objects will help us to better understand the meanings of some plays, as Hamlet, King Lear and Romeo and Juliet, that Shakespeare genuinely wrote to improve and popularize the dramatic genre, and to see how they evolve over time. For this, we will use the techniques of psychoanalisis, dividing and isolating the character’s performance and their conscious and unsconcious desires.

Finally, as dramatic plays have been a symbol and a token for most critics, referring to some of them, I am going to compare three of the most epic plays that Shakespeare wrote for us, in order to see the similarities and differences presented by them.

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