First paper (First Year)

Subject : # 35334 Crítica práctica de la Literatura Inglesa

Student´s name: Bori Ibáñez, Aitor

Title of the paper: Psychoanalysis of Hamlet

Author: W.Shakespeare

Approach: Psychoanalytic criticism

Abstract: If you want to know about Shakespeare’s predilect play, this is your paper. This work talks about a critical review of Shakespeare’s Hamlet looked by the eye of  Psycoanalytic Criticism. It will be interesting to know what Shakespeare thought when he was writing the pages of the play so here we will see which unsconcious thinkings he had. This will be a review of the book as well as a psycho-analysis of it. With the method of «psychoanalysis» we will be able to see how play’s characters are, what they think and also how they act in order to know more about the background of the play and the playwright thoughts.

Hope you enjoy it.

Auto-evaluation: 5 

I have spent all of my time doing this work plus all the time that I have spent re-writing and correcting it. I know that it could be improved but I am very proud of what I made. Anyway, I will be happy with any mark above the five.

Academic year 2012/2013
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Aitor Bori Ibáñez

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