Second Paper (Second year)

Subject : # 35336 Narrativa Anglesa dels Segles XX i XXI

Student´s name: Bori Ibáñez, Aitor

Title of the paper: Comparisson of Politics, secrecy and terrorism/anarchism in «The Secret Agent«, “Under Western Eyes” and “Nostromo”.

Author: Joseph Conrad

Abstract: In this paper we are going to see the evolution through three different novels of Joseph Conrad. As we saw in The Secret Agent in the First paper, Conrad talks a lot about politics so we are going to analize this facts in different quotes of the three books so we can see how Conrad develops the ideologies that led him to sculpt his mind. Then, we will see how Conrad talks about different things in all three novels and finally I’ll introduce you to the way the characters perform in front of this topics.

Hope you enjoy it.


Auto-evaluation: 5 – Aprobado. I consider that my work has improved since the fist that I did last year. Also I have work hard so I think I deserve a good mark for this Paper.

Academic year 2013/2014
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Aitor Bori Ibáñez

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