First Paper (Second Year) NEW

Subject : # 35336 Narrativa Anglesa dels Segles XX i XXI

Student´s name: Bori Ibáñez, Aitor

Title of the paper: Politics, secrecy and terrorism/anarchism in «The Secret Agent».

Author: Joseph Conrad

Abstract: Let’s know about the secret lives and politic facts in England in the XIX century. Have you ever wondered why terrorism exists? Why the governments spy on each other? In this paper we will analyze the major facts about anarchism and terrorism as a fight against the government. Also we will examine the work of a secret agent considering the life of Mr. Adolf Verloc which is the main character of the novel that we are going to make a review on. Finally we will take a look on differrent revolutionary groups that were against the government or any kind of politic force.

Hope you enjoy it.


Auto-evaluation: 5 – Aprobado. I consider that my work has been a good research for those who want to know more about social fights and politics. Also I have work hard so I think I deserve a good mark for this Paper.


Academic year 2013/2014
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Aitor Bori Ibáñez

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